We offer an affordable e-Bike system with service throughout entire e-Bike lifespan 

Seamlessly serving you at every stage from frame design and e-Bike production to local logistics and warranty handling

About Us

We Are Kynamic

Born To Provide An Ultimate Solution

After many years of strong, yet quiet growth, e-Bikes are now finally getting their spotlight. With many bicycle brands adding or enhancing this essential category, we saw a disconnect between design, planning, production, and service, warranty. Kynamic was born to provide an ultimate solution with a strategy built around quality components and service. Kynamic benefits include certified e-Bike systems in a one-stop shop, design service and online quick viewer functions, as well as local logistics and complete after-service through our dealer warranty and end-user troubleshooting platforms and software.

Founded in May 2021 by KMC Group

Kynamic was founded in May 2021 by KMC Group, well-known for their quality bicycle chains and drivetrain components worldwide. KMC has been working on serving bicycle brands, bicycle manufacturers, and all aspects of the aftermarket for more than forty years; this valuable experience not only brings a comprehensive customer network but also weaves thorough global service channels.

Design Service,Logistics Service,Warranty Service

In addition to offering e-Bike systems, we pride ourselves on our service platforms. Through research with customers regarding an e-Bike’s lifespan, we classified three categories of concern where we built corresponding solutions — design service, logistics service, and warranty service — to help customers achieve their targets efficiently.

Design Service

Kynamic eLab

Logistic Service

Flatten the boundary of your business

We offer multiple shipping options to optimize your local production plan

Warranty Service

Everything you need, CLEAR!

We developed an entire service solution to speed up the claim process and spare parts procurement. 


Customer Experience

Right Time, Right Part, Right Address!
Simple, Smart and Stable!


Local Logistics

A warehouse in the Netherlands offers you more flexibility to allocate your bicycle components.


Easy & Efficient

Our service solution speeds up the claim process and spare parts procurement, anytime, everywhere.


Accurate Tracking

Our service software breaks down your claim into pieces and proactively notifies you of the progress status.


Rapid 48 hrs

Deal with your claim, deliver the service parts, handle your MP order, and reply to your inquiry all in 48hr.

Powerful Service

Our comprehensive and intuitive service solutions target ease and efficiency.

Product news

Proactive notification of hardware updates, software updates, and feature improvements.

Direct feedback

Our service members, who effectively offer longer service hours being based throughout several time zones, reply personally.

Common interface

Easily learn our service; communicate with us as you would a friend.

Paper free

Always with a keen eye on our environmental impact.

Quick guide

Efficiently integrating all documents together turns you into a professional.

Claim status

Conveniently browse your claims to monitor progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

MRC-A250 can support up to 10 speed cassettes.

All Kynamic e-Bike systems are fully authorized including EN15194:2017, ISO13849-1, and UN38.3. For complete e-Bike certification, we also offer a certification service.

We have worked with customers from the beginning of all projects. When customers are about to start their first production batch, our service members go to the factory to assist with this stage where they support all aspects of production and train the factory partners.

We sell e-Bike systems to customers. For service, we divide an entire e-Bike lifespan into stages; when customers start a project with our e-Bike system, we provide the corresponding services at every stage.

We can personally introduce corresponding component suppliers to you.

As you can see on this website, we have several complete e-Bike platforms for you to choose from. Each e-Bike platform consists of bicycle components, frame design, and an e-Bike system, so you don’t need to spend time building a sample bike.

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